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Monday, November 21, 2011



This is a special week because I’ll be visiting my daughter and her family.  Being with K.J. and Kalina is the sweetest thing in our lives!

Each day this week I’d like to ask you to think of something you are thankful for.  And each day, “Pay it forward,” by doing a random act of kindness.  Put the GIVING back in Thanksgiving, and you know you will be the one to be blessed!   (I recently heard a brain expert on a radio talk show explain how generosity sparks the “feel good” center of the brain.  Beats taking drugs!)

I am thankful for teachers like YOU who love your students and try to make each day full of happy memories.

Check back with me on Friday because the 12 Days of Christmas will start then.  I’ll have great ideas for gifts your students can make, cards, decorations, songs, and more.

I wish you peace, a grateful heart, and a special time with those you love!