Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In keeping with the “green” spirit, here’s a song our daughter wrote.

Eat Green!  (Tune:  “Jenny Jenkins” – Going Green with Dr. Jean CD)
Will you eat green, oh my children dear,  (Pretend to strum a guitar.)
Will you eat green my children?                 
Oh, we’ll eat green                           (Make sign language for green by a
Spinach, broccoli, and beans            making “G” and circling it around.)
Veggie-weggie, fruity-tooty           (Make fists with hands and thump together.)
Fresh foody, colors of the rainbow.           (Wiggle fingers in a arch.)
Let’s all eat green.

Will you eat orange, oh my children dear,
Will you eat orange my children?
Oh, we’ll eat orange things           (Sign language for “O” and circle.)
Carrots, peaches, tangerines
Will you eat yellow, my children dear,  (Make a “Y” and circle.)
Will you eat yellow my children?      
Oh, we’ll eat yellow corn,
Squash, pineapples, and more
Will you eat red, oh my children dear,    (Make an “R” and circle.)
Will you eat red my children?
Oh, red we’ll eat
Apples, strawberries, and beets
Will you eat blue and purple, my children dear,  (Make a “P” and circle.)
Will you eat blue and purple?
Oh, we’ll eat purple, blue
Grapes, plums, and berries too.
Oh what will you eat, my children dear,  (Pretend to strum a guitar.)
Oh what will you eat, my children?
Oh, we’ll eat fresh foods
Good for us and for earth, too,

*Make a class book to go with the song.

*Brainstorm different parts of plants that you can eat.
         Leaves – lettuce, spinach, cabbage
         Stems – celery, asparagus, rhubarb
          Roots – sweet potatoes, carrots, onions
          Flowers – cauliflower, broccoli
         Seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, walnuts
As you are eating lunch or snack, comment, “Mmmm!  Don’t you love these leaves?  How does that root taste?  Would you like some more flowers?”

A teacher who is working on a fitness curriculum at the University of Georgia adapted “Patalina Matalina” to fruits and vegetables.  

Patalina Matalina  (
Chorus:  Patalina Matalina Upsadina Walkadina
               Hoca Poca Loca was his name.
His head was shaped like a cantaloupe,
And right on top was an antelope!
He had green beans kinda like hairs,
He couldn’t comb them but he didn’t care.
Googly eyes on his face,
Think he’s from outer space!
Nose was as long as a garden hose,
And it hung way down to his toes.
His teeth look like kernels of corn,
Think he could blow a horn?
His neck was red, it was plain to see
It looked just like a strawberry.
His body looked like a grocery sack,
Plastic not paper- matter of fact!
His legs were long like celery stalks,
Green and stringy, made all the girls talk!
He had two knees and two elbows,
The elbows were grapes and the knees potatoes.
He had a heart made of artichoke,
Full of fairy dust and firecracker smoke.
His feet were shaped like a shovel and a hoe,
In the garden, what food he could grow!