Tuesday, April 23, 2013


How children perceive themselves sets a blueprint for their life.  Early childhood educators have always known that accepting children for who they are and what they are is the first step in creating a positive sense of self.  

*Pass a hand mirror around the classroom and ask each child to say one thing they like about themselves.

*Have a “compliment circle” where children take turns saying something kind to friends.  Friends must respond with, “Thank you!”

*Let children draw pictures to contribute to a class book called “The Best Thing about Me!”

*I CAN DO SOMETHING SPECIAL DAY!  Plan a special day where each child is invited to sing, dance, tell a joke, make something, share a hobby, etc.  Emphasize that there are many ways to be wonderful!!

*Start your day by holding each child on your lap and singing this song to the tune of “Lassie and Laddie.”
                  Child’s name is important, important, important.
                  Child’s name is important to you and to me.
                  At work and at play,
                  He/she does his/her best each day.
                  Child’s name is important to you and to me.

Proud Parent - This book is a fantastic way to make children feel special!  You will need a 3 ring notebook and blank paper for this project. Decorate the cover of the book with the title “The Proud Parent.”  On the first page write these directions:
                  "Today you have an opportunity to add a page
        about your child in our PROUD PARENT BOOK.
        Please put a picture of your child at the top of the page.
        Next, write a short description of your child.  You might
        want to include your child’s physical attributes (hair
        color, eyes, etc.), activities your child enjoys, and things
        that make your child special.
Have children share what their parents have written about them the next day in class. 

My Good Book - Punch holes in 10- 15 sheets of paper and insert them in a clasp folder to make a book for each child.  Let children decorate the front cover with a self-portrait.  Write “My Good Book” on the front and send home a note similar to the one below to parents.
                   Dear Parents,
                  “Catching” your child doing the right thing will help you be
                  the cheerleader that they need.  When your child does something
                  that you want to encourage, take a moment to write it down in
                  their “Good Book.”  Read over the book frequently and discuss
                  their positive qualities.