Saturday, April 6, 2013


Popcorn Tree
(Tune:  “Turkey in the Straw”)
I looked out my window, and what did I see? (Hand over eyes.)
Popcorn popping on my cherry tree.              (Hands on hips.)
What a surprise spring left for me—
Popcorn popping on my cherry tree.
Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.  Pop!  Pop!                  (Wiggle hips to the beat.)

Faster…super fast

Popcorn Tree - Trace around children’s hand and arm on a sheet of paper.  Let them color or paint it.  Glue popcorn on the branches to look like blossoms.
Hint!  If you shake popcorn in a sack with a little dry tempera it will look like pink blossoms.
Petal Bookmark - Go outside and collect petals and leaves that have fallen to the ground.  (It's very important to remind child to never pull things off plants because it might hurt them!)  Lay out a 7" strip of clear packaging tape for each child.  They arrange their leaves and petals and then place another piece of tape on top.  Seal, trim the ends, and you'll have a spring bookmark.

Tree Identification- Get a book on trees from your school library.  Take a nature walk and challenge the children to identify the trees on the school grounds.  How does the bark on trees vary?  Do all trees have blossoms in the spring?  How are the leaves different?  
*Hint!  Give children a clipboard and let them draw their favorite tree.  Encourage them to write sentences describing their tree.