Monday, April 22, 2013


Tra, la, la, la, la… 
I was looking through my files for an art project and look what I found!! Art is taking a back seat to academics these days, but here are some simple, easy projects with crayons.  Children could do these at a center, as a large group project, or independently if they finish their work early.  No muss and no fuss!

Dancing Crayons
Materials:         crayons, paper, music
Directions:         Hold a crayon in each hand.  Put on some music, and let the crayons “dance” on the paper.
*This would work well at the listening center using a variety of music, such as classical, country, march, lullabye, etc.

Materials:         crayons, rubber bands, paper
Directions:         Wrap a rubber band around 3 or 4 crayons.  Children can hold the “bundle” and draw a design or picture on their paper.
Dot to Dot
Materials:         crayons, paper
Directions:         Make a specified number of dots (six, ten, whatever) on a piece of paper.  Exchange papers with a friend.  Connect the dots.  What does it look like?  Add details to create an object or design.

Wiggles and Squiggles
Materials:         crayons, paper
Directions:         Have the children close their eyes and make a design on their paper with a black crayon.  When they open their eyes, ask them to create something out of their design.
Adaptations:         Have children exchange papers with wiggles and squiggles with a friend.

Folded Designs
Materials:         paper, crayons
Directions:         Have children take a sheet of paper and fold it several times.  Next, open it and trace over the creases on the paper with a black crayon.  Finally, fill in each section with a different color, design, or pattern.