Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Some of you might be familiar with the “Shape Song” on my Sing to Learn CD.  Terra Semler has come up with an additional verse to help children learn hexagons, octagons, and hexagons.

Shape Song
(Tune:  I’m a Little Teapot)
I am momma circle round like a pie.   (Hands over head in a circle.)
I’m baby triangle three sides have I.   (Use 3 fingers to make a triangle.)
I am papa square my sides are four.  (Draw a square in the air.)
I’m cousin rectangle shaped like a door.  (Draw a rectangle in the air
                                                          and then knock.)

I am brother oval shaped like a zero.  (Make oval with arms over head.)
I’m sister diamond with a sparkle and a glow.  (Touch thumbs and index                                                                fingers and extend.)
We are the shapes that you all know.  (Make circles with index fingers and
Look for us wherever you go.                  thumbs and place around eyes.)

I am grandma hexagon, six sides have I.    (Hold up 6 fingers.)
I am grandpa octagon, I’m like a stop sign. (Hold up 8 fingers.)
I have five sides, pentagon’s my name.        (Hold up 5 fingers.)
Just like home plate at a baseball game!    (Pretend to bat a ball.)

Play Works!!  Last weekend I was fortunate to be invited to share with teachers in Wilkesboro, NC.  What a beautiful part of the United States, and what fantastic teachers!  On the way home I stopped to tour a center called Play Works.  WOW!  This is a dream come true for Katy and Sharon Phillips (a mother and daughter) who have put their heart and soul into creating a happy place for children.  They have renovated a 100 year old school building into such a beautiful and inviting environment that I wanted to stay and play myself!  They turned logs into chairs for the playground and they turned a leather chair from Good Will into a cozy reading chair (cut off the legs and made it just right for little ones).  They need to get on HGTV to show what two smart teachers can do on a dime!!!   (You can contact Sharon at spp830@gmail.com and follow  her on Facebook.)