Friday, April 19, 2013


I have a treat for you today... or should I say I have a treat for your TEAM today!

Here is a pack of Get in the Game Brain Breaks for your students.

What are brain breaks?

“Neurobics” is a term that refers to brain exercises or activities that can improve students’ learning. Although you can’t get inside your students’ heads and shake up their brains, these activities can help make your students’ brains more alert.  You can use these brain breaks to start your day, between lessons, or whenever your students appear bored or restless. These ideas can also be adapted for those winter days when you can’t get outside.

We made a collection of sports themed brain breaks for your brain break cards. And you can store them all in the "locker" we provided. 
click on the picture or {here} to get this pack!
 Cards are organized into Sports Themed:
Baseball- crossing the mid line
Basketball- skill building movements
Hockey- buddy time
Soccer- odds and ends
Tennis- have a racket with these musical movements
Sporting Events
Unwind from the Game- calming activities

Try these brain breaks with your class today and get those brains more alert!