Sunday, March 2, 2014


Day 22 of our trip!

English/Spanish Color Song (Jan Barry)
(Tune: “Frere Jacques” Children repeat each line.)
Red is rojo. Red is rojo.
Blue, azul. Blue, azul.
Yellow, amarillo. Yellow, amarillo.
Green, verde. Green, verde.
White is blanco. White is blanco.
Black, negro. Black, negro.
Purple is morado. Purple is morado.
Brown, café. Brown, café.
Orange, anaranjado. Orange, anaranjado.
Pink, rosado. Pink, rosado.
These are all the colors. These are all the colors.
In Espanol. In Espanol.

Spanish Version of Criss Cross Applesauce (Claudia Lopez De Lara, El Paso)
Sentar (Kids sit.)
Cruzar (Kids cross their legs.)
Y listos para eschucar. (Students move their hair behind their ears.)

Compliment Circle
Children sit in a circle and the teacher begins by giving a child a compliment. The first child then passes on a compliment to another friend and so on until everyone has had a turn giving and receiving a compliment.
*Let children toss a sponge ball or bean bag around as they compliment each other.
*Give a “hand hug.” Teacher squeezes the first child’s hand, then
they continue to pass the “hand hug” around the circle until it gets
back to the teacher.
*Let each child “pass” a smile around the room.

The Numbers Day Off (Pamela Noble)
Let the numbers in your classroom leave a note saying, “We’re tired!” Tell the children that they cannot speak numbers, but they can make them with a body sound. For example, instead of saying “two” you should clap two times. During the night let the numbers have a party and leave a MAD MATH MANIA MESS! (Scatter magnetic numbers and number cards around the room.) Children have to clean up after the party and find the hidden numbers.