Sunday, March 30, 2014


Rock Star Cheer (Kellea McGehee) 
Children hold their guitar and shake it like a rock star – but they have to do it silently!

Tattle Tales (Melissa Dumont)
Children can only tattle with the 3 B’s – broken, bleeding, or bruised!!!

Naughty Numbers (Kellea McGehee)
5 and 6 are naughty numbers because they face the wrong way. 

Super Vowels (Kellea McGehee)
The magic “e” makes the first vowel a super vowel so it no longer makes the short vowel sound. Let the kids write the word and then draw a cape on the middle vowel.
*Kellea also makes up motions for each sound in the alphabet. When they go through the alphabet each morning the students make the motion and then they do the letters in sign language.

Clipboard Partners (Cathy G. Houma)
When visiting a museum, divide the children into partners and give each pair a clipboard with objects that can be found in the museum. As they find the items they can circle the picture. This will keep the children interested and learning while they have fun.

PowerPoint Relay Race (Leslie Willis)
You can use this game with high frequency words, numbers, etc. When the high frequency words come up on the smart board a child runs up, touches the word, and then tags a friend.

Number Monster (Angelic Reynolds)
Fold a sheet of paper in half and draw around the child’s hand with the outer side of the hand on the fold. Glue the unfolded handprint on paper. Make eyes and a smile on the handprint and write the numbers 1-10 above the fingers. Put the title using the child’s name on the top. For example: “Angelic’s Number Monster.” Let the children use their number monsters to practice counting, number recognition, etc.

Nursery Rhyme Book (April Wittmann)
Introduce a nursery rhyme each week. Read it as a group and then at the end of the week create a page for that rhyme that children can add to their nursery rhyme notebook. By the end of the year, the children can read/recite about 30 nursery rhymes. They present their notebooks to their moms as part of their mother’s day present. The mothers love that their gift is their child reading to them!