Saturday, March 1, 2014


Day 21 of our trip! 

Flower Power Bulletin Board (Carol Bolt)
Cut circles and petals out of construction paper. Write each child’s name on a circle. Friends say three nice things about that child. Write those words on the petals and attach to the circle to make a flower. You can make a lovely garden bulletin board from these.
Riddle Book (Leighann Beam)
Create a “Riddle Book” for each child with blank paper stapled between construction paper. The children get to decorate the cover. The teacher reads a riddle to the class each day. Establish a routine where everyone smiles when they think they know the answer. The children then draw a picture of what they think the answer is and try to write the word. The children share their thoughts and then the teacher shares the answer.
*Hint! Invite children to “think out loud” and explain the riddle to classmates who might be confused.

Clean Up Song
Use children’s names in this song to the tune of “London Bridge.”
I see, child’s name, cleaning up,
Cleaning up, cleaning up.
I see child’s name, cleaning up,
Just like second child’s name.