Friday, March 21, 2014


Yes, Virginia, there is a season called SPRING! I know many of you think it’s an imaginary land, but one morning you’ll wake up and hear a bird sing or see a crocus blooming through the snow. 

Nature scavenger hunts are always fun for children, but I adapted this one for a spring 
walk. If you teach older students divide them into small groups and let them hunt for the objects on the playground. Give them paper and pencils to record their findings. (I think I smell a writing standard here!)
Hint! Do this as a large group activity with younger children.

Spring Scavenger Hunt
Can you find a sign of spring?
Can you find something older than you?
Can you find something younger than you?
Can you find something rough?                    
Can you find something that feels soft?
Can you find something living?
Can you find something dead?
Can you find something smaller than your fingernail?
Can you find something bigger than you?
Can you find something green?
Can you find something yellow?
Can you find something that smells good?
Can you find some trash? Pick it up and throw it away!
Note! You may need to adapt some of the items to your habitat.

Spring Acrostic
After a spring walk, have children write the word spring vertically down the left side of their paper. Can they write a word for each letter that is a sign or symbol of spring?
Hint! With younger children do this as an interactive writing activity. 

Spring Words
How many words can they write from the letters in “spring”?

Spring Designs

Let children write the word spring in the middle of a sheet of paper and then make a spring design out of it.