Monday, March 31, 2014


It’s worth reading my blog today for this one idea alone. 

Pop Up Q & A (Jessica Hebert)
Divide students into pairs. The teacher poses a question. The students talk to their partner, agree on an answer, and then stoop down. When the teacher sees all students down she says, “Pop!” The students pop up and say their answer.

Number Sticks 1-20 (Mrs. LaFont)
Use paint sticks from Home Depot and write the number word and numeral on them. Use puff paint to make dot sets on them. Children pick the sticks out of a can and put them in order.
*Put a smile face in the corner to make sure the stick is facing the correct way.

Skittles Cheer (Mrs. LaFont)
Have children pretend to fill their mouth with Skittles as they “taste the rainbow.”

Green Apples and Red Apples (Amanda Caillouret)
Use this idea to match children up for partner work. Write higher students’ names on green apples. Write children who need extra help on the red apples. Pass the apples out and have children pick a friend with a different color for their partner.
Paper Bag King Cake (Jefforson Parish Teachers)
Take a paper bag and open it up. Roll down the bag from the top. Let children cut or tear purple, green, and gold (yellow) paper and glue it on the bag. You can also add a little glitter and put a small plastic baby in the cake.
*The king cake is associated with Mardi Gras/Carnival. A plastic baby representing Baby Jesus is baked in the cake. The person who gets the piece of cake with the baby gets special privileges.