Friday, February 28, 2014


Day 20 of our trip!  And it's almost time for us to go home!  Can't wait to get back to the good old USA!

It’s Time for Us to Go (Arlene Middendorf) 
(Tune: “The Farmer in the Dell”)
It’s time for us to go.
It’s time for us to go.
Say good-bye to all your friends.
It’s time for us to go.
We’ve had a busy day.
We’ve learned a lot today.
Say good-bye to all your friends.
It’s time for us to go.

Positional Words (Michelle Chevillet)
Each month choose a different object to hide in the classroom. (For example, a leprechaun in March, a rabbit in April, a flower in May, etc.) Let the children name the object. Each day use the “fair sticks” to pick a child’s name. That child gets to find the hidden object and use a complete sentence to tell where the object is hiding. For example: “The leprechaun is hiding behind the bookshelf.”
*Fair Sticks – Let each child write her name on a stick and place it in a cup on the teacher’s desk. The teacher chooses sticks for special jobs. After they’ve had a turn the teacher keeps them in her desk drawer. When all the sticks are gone and everyone has had a turn, start all over again.

Ready for Writing Rap (Traci Wade)
1, 2…sit up, please do.
3, 4…feet flat on the floor.
5, 6…push your chair in quick.
7, 8…lay your paper straight.
9,10…write neatly then.