Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Day 17 of our trip!

E E K K Reading Buddies
(Penny Baran)
Two students sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee. One student uses her book and the other student gets to choose the spot where they will read. The student on the left reads the left side of the book. The student on the right reads the right side of the book. When they finish, they can switch sides and read another book.

My City and State (Tune: “I Had a Little Turtle”)
Here I am in name of state
Living happily!
All my friends and relatives are
Nice as they can be!
City, I love you!
City, is my home!
State is my state
For this we celebrate!

Our Town Blocks
Take photographs of the post office, police station, school, and other stores and places in your community. Tape them to unit blocks so children can use them in the block center to build and drive around with little cars.

Occupation in a Bag (Megan Pope)
When studying community helpers, send home a paper bag with each student. Ask them to put in items that explain what their parents do. This is great for parents who are too busy to come in and speak about their jobs.