Friday, February 14, 2014


Day 7 of our trip!

Peace and Love to YOU!
You can do this for your students and tell them to pass it on.
Peace (Make sign for peace.)
Love (Make sign for love.)
You (Point to someone.)

Left to Right! (Jane McPartland)
When doing choral reading have the students stand to the left of the room. As you read, take a step to the right for each word. At the end of the line jump “down” to the next line. Everyone moves back to the left and quickly moves to the right with every word until the end of the next line. Repeat until the end of the poem, chart, etc.
*You can also add movements and sound effects for punctuation. For example, clap for a period, jump for an exclamation point, and shrug shoulders for a question mark.

Air Hug (Jane McPartland)
Say, “Give me an air hug.” Students open arms and pretend to squeeze.

Air Kisses (Beth Jenkins)
Kiss your fingertips numerous times as you scan the class. Blow kisses to all the children. Cross your arms across your chest and rub your arms as you say, “Feel the love.”