Sunday, February 16, 2014


Day 9 of our trip!

Wacky Sentences (Vanessa Morton)
This game is a take off from Eric Carle’s HEAD TO TOE. Create noun cards (children’s names, animals, etc.) and verb cards. Uses different colors of poster board or index cards for the nouns and verbs. Draw stick figures acting out the verbs. Children draw a card from each pile and then make up a “wacky” sentence with the noun and the verb.
*Older children could write the wacky sentence and then draw a picture of it.

Four Seasons
(Lisa Powers)
(Tune: “Frere Jacques”)
Four seasons,
Four seasons
Here we go.
Here we go.
Winter, spring, summer, fall.
Winter, spring, summer, fall.
Seasons come.
Seasons go.

Tattle Hot Line (Kelley DiBella)
Put an old phone in the classroom. When the children start to tattle send them to the phone and say, “Leave a message. I’ll check it later.”