Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I didn’t find the Emerald City last week in Kansas and Missouri, but I found some great ideas for you today and tomorrow. (I also learned that you don’t want to try and fly through Atlanta after a snowstorm!!! After 30 hours of clicking my heels I was happy to get home!) 

B and D
"b" is a bat and then a ball.
"d" is the doorknob and then the door.
Sky Writing (Jody Daily)
Cut a swim noodle in thirds. Practice writing strokes in the air with the noodle. Children can use one or two hands to hold their noodle. Give oral directions:
"h" Tall line down, back up, and make a hump.
*To control the talking and hold the noodles still call "Statue of Liberty." All students hold their noodle in the air.

Mrs. Coslett Is Messy! (Jen Coslett)
Dump beads, foam cubes, etc. all over the rug and say, "Oh my, (teacher's name) is so messy!" Children use tongs or "go" fingers (thumb and index finger) to clean up the mess. They’ll have fun working together as they develop small motor skills.

Preschool Clubs (Laney Brightbill)
Make posters that describe self-help skills. Once children can do they skill they get to add their picture and name to the club. For example:
-Button club
-Zipper club
-Glove club
-Shoe tying club
-Jacket club

Simple Sentences (Pam Dreiling) 

Children cut a picture of something they like from a magazine and glue it to the right end of a sentence strip. The teacher writes "I like ______" as shown. Bend the right end over the picture so the first letter of the word is showing. Children can "read" their own book!

Classroom Timer (Alisha Felts)
When it's time to pick up indoor recess or another mess, set a timer on the computer and project it on the board as you play the "Jeopardy" theme. Children can see how much time they have left to pick up and the music reminds them to stay on task!
*Alisha's mother is also a kindergarten teacher! Aren't you proud, mom?

readingresource.net (Robin Osborne)
This is an awesome website designed for reading disabilities, but it has wonderful FREE downloadable tips and games.