Monday, February 24, 2014


Day 16 of our trip!

SMART Board/Whiteboard Contestants (Julie Cunday)
Child’s name come on down.
You’re the next contestant on
Name that number (letter, etc.).

Who Let the Words Out?

Use the same chant as, “Who let the A out /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/” and insert word
wall words.
For example, “Who let AND out? AND, AND, AND!”
*Hint! Hold up flash cards or point to the words on the wall.

Whoosh Cheer! (Lisa Lorance)
Clap three times and then put your arms in the air as you say, “WHOOSH!”

Check It Out! Cheer (Teresa Nicks)
Use this cheer when a child answers a question correctly:
“Check it out! Check it out!
Child’s name knows what he’s (she’s) talking about!”
Pretend to touch index finger to tongue and then hold up as you say,
“Psssss!” (Like it’s really hot!)