Monday, February 10, 2014


Day 3 of our trip!

Blow a Balloon
Use this trick to focus children’s attention:
Get out your balloon. (Cup hands around mouth.)
Let’s blow it up.
Whooo! (Pretend to blow and extend hands
Whooo! a little each time as if the balloon
Whooo! is inflating.)
POP! (Clap hands as balloon pops!)

Song Balloons (Kathleen Salazar)
Cut paper balloons out of construction paper and write the names of songs on the balloons. Spread them out at circle time and let children take turns picking a “balloon” for the class to sing.
*Write the names of songs on strips of paper and place them in plastic eggs. Children pick

an egg and then open it to see what song they will sing. 

Zip It, Hip It, Lip It! (Erin Mensing)
To get the children ready for the hallway say:
Zip it. (Pretend to zip lips.)
Hip it. (One hand on hip.)
Lip it. (One finger on lips.)