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Saturday, August 1, 2015


How about 15 free song downloads to start your year? Yes, indeed, it's Christmas in August on my website ( starting today. I've got 15 songs to make you smile and have a happy day. 

Rise and Shine to start each day.

The Rules Rap to encourage positive behavior.

Days of the Week for a calendar song.

Over in the Meadow to connect numbers and sets.

Twelve Days of School to count.

Nursery Rhyme Rap for phonological awareness.

Alphardy for alphabet knowledge and phonics.

Five Senses for science.

The Cool Bear Hunt for sequencing.

Silly Willy for a brain break.

The Wheels on the Bus for fun.

I Like to Come to School for a positive attitude.

Super Star Chant for creating a classroom community.

Gray Squirrel just because it's a sweet song I remember singing with my children.

It's Time to Say Good-Bye to send them out the door on a positive note.

You'll also find links for books you can download to go with the songs.

Happy, happy back to school!