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Sunday, August 9, 2015


Before I started student teaching I was scared to death.  My mother was a  genius even though she never attended college.  She said, "Just be sweet and love them!"

As you begin the school year, I have a little advice that you never learned in college. SAY SOMETHING NICE to each parent about his or her child. We are all anxious when we let our children go, and a compliment or kind word about a child can plant seeds for a positive relationship with families.

When I taught I made a point of calling each parent during the first two weeks of school. “I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have (child’s name) in my room. I know we’re going to have a great year.” A personal email or text would have the same positive effect.

You’ve all heard, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Finding a special characteristic in each child and communicating that to parents is a simple act of kindness that will let them know how much you do care!

Here's a "Sunday" thought to start your school year.

When I am introduced as a teacher, I am usually asked what I teach.  When I say, “Kindergarten,” I generally hear a very flat, “Oh.”  I have never been certain whether that is an expression of pity or perhaps disinterest.  Always I wish I had time to explain to them like this: 

            Yes, I teach kindergarten.  Where else would a handsome and very young man
            put his arms and me and ask, “Do you know I love you?”

            Where else could I see a fashion show daily and keep up on the latest trends for
            the very young?

            Where else could my limited wardrobe be complimented or my earrings thought

            Where else could I have the privilege of wiggling loose teeth and receive the
            promise that I may pull them when they’re loose enough?

            Where else could I guide a chubby little hand that some day may write a book
            or an important document?

            Where else could I walk around the room and have little warm hands reach up
            to touch me?

            Where else could I forget my own aches and pains because of so many cut
  fingers, scratched knees, bumped heads, and broken hearts that need care?

            Where else could my mind stay so young as with a group whose attention
            span is so short that I must always keep a bag of tricks up my sleeve?

            Where else could I feel so close to my Maker as I do each year because of
            something that I have done to help one of His little children learn and grow.
            Yes, I teach kindergarten and I love it!

Blessings for a wonderful year!!!  I love you all!!!
Hands up if you're ready to go back to school after Summer Camp in Austin!
Don't you love the "kiss your brain" shirt Angel brought me!!!  
I can't believe Donna came all the way from Alaska!!!  
I think we need to do Summer Camp there next year.