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Monday, August 3, 2015


Here are a few other tips that might help you integrate music, movement, and FUN into your academic schedule. "Life is lived between the bread and the butter" - and it's all those "little things" that make your school day meaningful and joyful for you and your "little things"!

6th Keep a simple game handy for when you’ve got five extra minutes during the day. (I’ve got lots of these on my website as well.)

*Kids vs. The Teacher and Johnny Jump Up are two of my favorites.

7th Read, read, read! Keep a stack of books handy and squeeze in a story whenever you can. It doesn’t have to “teach” anything or “fit” in with your standards. You can read it JUST BECAUSE!!! (And, if an administrator or supervisor gives you a hard time about this you just tell them to call Dr. Jean!!!!)

8th Make a “juke box” from a gift bag. Make CDs for the jukebox by cutting 4” circles out of poster board or fun foam. Glue words to rhymes, finger plays, or songs on them and put them in the bag. When you have a few extra minutes pretend to give a child a quarter as you say, “Put the quarter in the juke box and pull out a song.” That child can then help you lead the class in the song or rhyme.

9th Create “tubs of fun” for children who finish their work early or for other “in between” times. Each week put skill games, puzzles, play dough, card games, or other quiet activities in a tub for each table. Rotate these every week so they’ll have something new to do.

Hint! One team of teachers said they each created 4 tubs for their own class each month and then rotated them with another class.

10th End your day on a positive note with a song and some cheers. Give the children something to look forward to the next day at school.

Somebody once said, “Great teachers are not born. They are made by the teacher next door.” That is so true! One of your best resources might be right down the hall. We’re teachers and we all love to help! Just ask!