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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Flip Book
Make a hotdog fold. (Fold in half.)

Make a hamburger fold. (Fold in fourths.)

Make a juice box. (Fold in eighths.)

Open in half. Cut down each crease to the middle fold.

Fold in half to make four flips.

*Children like to call this a “garage door” book.

Use for: sequence of a butterfly
            story elements
            letters and pictures that begin with the sound
            before and after
            parts of a plant
            what’s inside an egg
            mother and baby animals
            sequence of your day
            sets and numerals
            riddles or questions and answers
            four seasons
            animals and their homes
            spelling word – picture or definition
            card (“Some gifts are large. Some gifts are small.
                   Some gifts are round. Some gifts are tall. 

                   But a gift from the heart is the best gift of all!)

Hint! Use longer paper and more strips to make a book about the five senses, days of the week, planets, etc.