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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Phono Fun
Got cha!  Sometimes I like to make up words like poet  ee cummings.  I’m actually going to be sharing some ideas for phonological awareness that you could integrate into your reading meeting.

Choose a rime (aka word family) from the poem of the week.  As children identify rhyming words from the poem write them on the board.  Circle the letters that are the same in each word.  Can they add other words to the list? 

Sing this song to the tune of “Bingo.”  For example, if you did Jack and Jill you could sing:
         There is a word family you should know
         And “ill” is it’s name-o.
         J – I – L – L   Jill
         H – I – L – L  hill
         W – I – L – L  will
         They end in “ill” you know.
*Write the word family in a large house and encourage the children to add rhyming words throughout the week.

Rhyme Ball
You will need a ball, beanbag, or other object to toss for this game.  Children sit or stand in a circle.  The teacher says a word and then tosses the ball to a child.  As the child catches the ball, she must say a word that rhymes.

Syllabication – Clap, snap, hop or make other movements to words in the rhyme.

Have children beat out syllables with instruments. 
*You could also use cardboard rollers, straws, pencils, etc. like drum sticks to tap out rhythms and syllables.

Sound Sack - Sound Sack
Take a small sack and fill it with common objects or small toys.  Capture children’s interest with this song to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.”
            What’s in the sound sack, who can tell?
            Maybe it’s a book or maybe it’s a shell?
            What’s in the sound sack, who can say?
            Blend the sounds, you’ll know right away!
Choose and object and stretch out the sounds.  When children can blend the sounds and say the word, remove It from the sack and place it on the floor.  Before putting each item back in the bag, segment the sounds again.