Monday, September 7, 2015


Happy Labor Day! I hope you’re enjoying the last official weekend of summer and taking some time for yourself today. It’s a long time until your next holiday!!!

If you can answer "yes" to these questions, I might be able to help you!
1. Are your students wiggling a lot?
2. Are your students easily distracted?
3. Do you have trouble getting your students' attention?
4. Do your students have a short attention span?
5. Do your students talk constantly?
6. Do your students have trouble looking you in the eyes?

If you answered "yes" to three or more of these questions your students might be suffering from too much screen time. They need to get up and move and release all that energy. They need to cross the midline. They need to sing and dance and be kids!!!!

It's a paradox that someone like me who keeps saying "turn it off" would have the nerve to say "turn it on." I've got two videos that you can "turn on" when you are about to lose your cool - and they might actually help children's bodies and brains at the same time. Some of you might have seen a few of the videos that I have available on YouTube, but did you know I had about 20 more on each of my DVD's? How can these help you get through the day?

*You have to clean up reading and get ready for math. You can't put your students on "pause," but they can stand up and move and learn with me.

*It's raining outside for the 4th day in a row. Let me give them a good work out in the classroom.

*There's a new substitute teacher in your room. I'll sing and dance with your class all day long.

*Your district wants "RIGOR." I've got songs for math and reading skills so children can sing, dance, wiggle, and LEARN!

Here's a list of songs on the "Better Bodies and Brains" DVD:
1. Time to Get Up

2. Hello Friends!
3. Morning Stretch
4. ABC Kick Box
5. Letter Pops
6. Phonercise
7. Cheering Letters
8. Macarena Count to
9. This Is the Way We Exercise
10. Seven Days of Boot Camp
11. Sports Around the Year
12. Jump Up, Turn Around, Cross That Midline
13. Hand Jive
14. I Am Slowly Going Crazy
15. Chair Can Can
16. My Bonnie Bounce
17. Wiggle Willy
18. Banana Dance
19. Kids on the March
20. Jump Rope Rally
21. Zoo Movements
22. Patty Cake Party
23. Line Dance
24. Head, Muscles, Baby 1-2-3
25. Balancing Act
26. Tighten and Relax
27. Tony Chestnut
28. It’s All Good!

This is what you’ll find on the “Let's Sing, Dance, and Learn” DVD:
1. Rise and Shine
2. Feeling Fine
3. My Flag
4. Rules Rap
5. Today Is Sunday
6. Month March
7. Pump Up to 100
8. Country Countdown
9. Addition Pokey
10. Karate Writing
11. The Vowel Family
12. Gooooo Letters!
13. Let’s Move!
14. Dinosaur Boogie
15. My Mother Is a Baker
16. The Cool Bear Hunt
17. Granny at the Fair
18. Fast Food Song (aka Pizza Hut)
19. Tooty Ta
20. We Had a Good Day

*Go to if you want to order either DVD.