Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This is absolutely crazy!!!  I'm getting phone calls from high school students all over the United States saying, "Dr. Jean, I love your banana dance.  It makes me so happy!"  One boy even wanted to know when I was going to be on "tour" in California!  Seriously!  I'm a dinosaur when it comes to social networking, but there are two ways of looking at this.  

#1 - They are making fun of an old lady singing a silly song.

#2 - They want an excuse to sing and dance and be happy little kids again.  

I'm going to assume it's #2, and I love them for that!  

Someone asked me again yesterday, "When are you going to retire?"  My response was, "I hope  never.  I'm still having fun!  How many people my age get to sing and dance with five year olds?"

Monday I did two free concerts at schools in Charleston and those little children filled my heart with JOY!  How blessed am I to still be able to make a child smile?  There was a little boy who was deaf and his teacher came up before the concert and wanted me to know about his special needs.  I tried doing a little sign language with him (which is as pitiful as my Spanish), but the teacher said that no one had ever taught him sign language until he started school.  Well, would you believe that by the time I ended with "The Banana Dance" he was totally engaged and doing the movements.  The teacher said he had never responded like that before.  That's why I do what I do!!!!
So, NO!  I'm not retiring because someone still needs to remind the world that children need a childhood.  They need to sing and dance and laugh and play - or when they are high school students they are going to need to take a remedial course on "The Banana Dance."