Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Whoever heard of Make a Hat Day? Well, it’s today, but here is a simple hat idea that you can adapt for letters, shapes, or other skills any old day. 

Materials: sentence strips or construction paper cut 4” x 24”, markers,
scissors, glue, construction paper scraps, stapler

Directions: Let children choose a favorite letter and write it in the middle of the strip of paper. Have them decorate the strip with pictures of things that begin with that sound. Adjust the headband to the child’s head and staple.

*Sing alphabet songs and let the children do a special dance when their letter is sung.

*Call out three (CVC) sounds and let children come to the front of the room if their letter makes the sound. Have the children hold hands to make the word. 

Book Report
Instead of book reports, let students make headbands about their book and then do a book talk.

Let children make shape headbands but cutting out construction paper shapes and gluing them to their headband.

Holiday Hats

Make headbands for Thanksgiving, Valentine's or to celebrate other special days.

Decorate headbands for characters from a story. Children can wear these and act out the story.