Saturday, September 12, 2015


Now, this is a million dollar idea that is free and will take you ten minutes to make. It can provide a pathway to the brain for your kinesthetic learners, and it can raise the bar for children who need a challenge.  Start with letters for young children and use sight words, spelling words, or vocabulary words for older students.

Materials: pocket folder, copy of manual signs for letters, index cards (I like the real images of the hands that I found on

Directions: Glue a copy of the manual signs to the inside of a pocket folder. Write letters, sight words, the children's names or other skills on index cards. (Not all of these, but whatever skill you want children to practice.) Place these in the pocket. Children choose one card at a time and practice making that letter or fingerspelling the word.

Lotto Game - Make a file folder game where children match like manual signs.

*You could also make a matching game on a pocket chart.

Memory Game - Glue manual signs on one set of cards and letters on the other cards. Place these face down on the floor. Children take turns playing by turning over two cards at a time and trying to match letters and signs.
Hint! Start with 5 letters and signs at a time and increase as children become more proficient.