Sunday, September 20, 2015


Once there were two twins that were completely opposite. One twin was a total pessimist and whined and cried all day. The other twin was optimistic and laughed and smiled all day. The parents were concerned about their extremes and went to a psychologist. The psychologist said, “Don’t worry. I know just how to cure them.”

So, the psychologist filled one room with toys and video games and candy. In the other room he asked a local farmer to unload a truck full of manure. He put the pessimistic twin in the room with the toys and the optimistic twin in the room with the manure.

The parents and psychologist waited anxiously for an hour to see what would happen. When they opened the room with the toys the pessimistic twin was sitting in the middle of the room crying. They asked, “Why aren’t you playing with the toys?” He said, “I was afraid I would break something and I thought if I ate some candy I would get sick.”

When they opened the room with the manure the optimistic twin was singing and digging through the mess and laughing. They asked, “Why are you so happy?” He responded, “Well, with all this XXXX, there must be a pony here some place!”

Tomorrow is World Gratitude Day, and I thought this was the perfect story to share with you. With all the paperwork, and assessments, and standards, and expectations in your job, there’s GOT TO BE A PONY SOME PLACE!!! It’s not easy, but look for the joy every day, and give children a little joy every day. Having YOU for a teacher might be the best thing that happens to some child!

I’m grateful for YOU!

P.S.  My Friend Jane Bond who runs the Amahoro School in Rawanda sent these photos of her children doing "Dinosaur Boogie."  This is my pony!