Sunday, September 6, 2015


Choose 4 to 5 words each week to practice each day with one of these strategies.

Sign Language - As you introduce new words, teach children the signs for the words by using the dictionary at

Word Supervisor - Each day choose a different sight word and it on an index card. Tape the word to a visor and choose a child to be the “word supervisor” for the day. Whenever you leave the class, that child stands at the door with their arm extended. Friends must read the word on the visor before exiting the classroom. 

Karate Writing
Spell out words with karate writing.  For letters that start at the top dotted line punch up high. For letters that start at the middle dotted line punch out in front of your waist. For letters with a tail that go below the line give a little kick.
                  A – punch from waist
                  B – punch up in the air
                  C – punch from waist
                  D – punch up in the air
                  E – punch from the waist
                  F – punch up in the air
                  G – give a little kick…etc.

Sports Spell - Pretend to be athletes and spell out words.
Basketball – bounce on letters and make a basket as you say the word.
Baseball – swing on letters and twirl around and hit a home run as you say the word
Soccer – small kicks on the letters and kick a goal as you say the word
Let children make up motions for other sports, such as swimming, fishing, etc.

Sing to Cadence

Children echo each line as you sing, march, and slap your thighs.
     There are some words you need
     If you want to learn to read
     ___ ____ ____ ____
     ___ ____ ____ ____

Mystery Word
Play a game where you give clues about the words. For example: “I start with “L” and rhyme with “book.”

Encourage children to make up sentences using sight words.