Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The morning message is a powerful way to demonstrate the importance of reading and writing. When a class mascot (stuffed animal or puppet) has a message waiting for the children it will give them something to anticipate each day.

Here's a song to the tune of “My Darlin Clementine” to focus children’s attention for the 
morning meeting:
         We are readers.
         We are writers.
         And we like to learn it’s true.
         We will read the morning message
         So we’ll know just what to do.

Hocus – Pocus – Focus
Did you know that if you tell your brain that something is important it’s more likely to remember it? If you have your children put on their focus goggles before you call their attention to something on the morning message it just might work. Say, “Hocus, pocus, goggles, focus!” as you demonstrate making circles with your thumbs and index fingers and placing them around your eyes.

To the Point
You probably already have some pointers, but it’s easy to make seasonal ones by placing finger puppets on the end of a cardboard pants roller.

Cut out the center of a butterfly net and add some fancy ribbon and you’ll be able to frame letters, words, and other key details.

Correct the Teacher
As the year goes along you can make spelling and punctuation errors so the children can “correct” you.