Friday, March 25, 2016


Here are some activities where children can practice comparing groups.

More, Less, Equal
Write “more,” “less,” “equal” on three index cards and place in a bag. Children roll a die and then choose a card and make a set that is more, less, or equal to the amount on the die. You can use counters or play dough for this activity.

Dealer’s Choice
Remove the face cards from a deck of playing cards. Draw three sections on a sheet of construction paper and write “high,” “low,” and “equal.” Children turn over two cards at a time and place the cards in the appropriate pile.  
*This is a fun game to play with a friend.

Seriate Snakes
To make “snakes” cut yarn or straws into varying lengths from 1” – 12”. Children seriate the snakes from shortest to longest.

Play Dough

Give children play dough and ask them to make three balls - small, medium, and large.
*Can they make different sizes of pancakes or hotdogs from the play dough?

Block Measurement
Have children measure different classroom objects using unit blocks. How many blocks tall is the table? The chair? The bookshelf?

Bean Counter

Place a 14” piece of clear packaging tape sticky side up on a table. Lay ten lima beans end to end. Fold the tape up, down, seal, and then trim off the ends. Have a box of small items that the children can measure with a bean counter.

*Give them an answer sheet where they have to walk around the room and find something 2 beans long, 5 beans long, 7 beans long, etc.