Saturday, March 12, 2016


Hop on the STEAM bandwagon this month with these activities. Students could do these independently, with a study buddy, or in a small group.
Flying Objects – Let children design kites, paper airplanes, or other objects that will fly.
Hint! There are lots of good websites and videos where you can learn how to make paper airplanes. 

Egg Drop – Give children a lunch bag and ask them to collect recycled materials at home.  Divide them into small groups and give each group a raw egg. Can they design a container (using the recycled materials, tape, etc.) that will protect the egg if they drop it?

Stand on a chair and drop the egg.
What happens if you drop the egg from the top of the climber on the playground?
*Let students predict which group’s container will be the most effective.

Leprechaun Trap – Challenge children to use recycled materials to create a trap for leprechauns.  They could do this at home with their parents or as a small group project.
*Encourage them to explain their contraption.
*Write creative stories about what they would do if they caught a leprechaun.

*Let them create a leprechaun trap with unit blocks or Legos.