Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Lucky me to get to present at the VAECE Conference in Richmond last week!

Art, creativity, problem-solving, exploring, open-ended activities, and messy fun are alive and well as you can tell from some of the art projects that were on display. From sewing, to clay, to nature art, to recycled sculptures, to craft sticks – STEAM is having a positive influence!


Here are some other fantastic ideas that teachers shared.

Book Party (Carla Moody)
Every day wrap up a book for circle time in a gift bag. Change circle time to a “book party” and unwrap the book and read it to the class.

Mr. Red and Mr. Blue (Jen Miller)
Adapt the finger play about Heidi Hi and Louie Low to demonstrate color mixing. “Mr. Red and Mr. Blue go up the hill and down the hill…When they meet in the middle they hug and make purple!”
*You could also do this for diagraphs. “When Miss S and Mr. H meet in the middle they go ‘SH!’”

Recycling Bill Envelopes (Janice Bass)
Use the windows in envelopes bills come in for letters and sight words.

Superhero Yoga (Charley Schillinger)
Superman – Do a plank.
Wonder Woman – Sit in an invisible chair.
Spiderman – Feet together and squat.
Batman – Arms out and one leg up.

Struggling Writers (Alex Simms Male Kindergarten Teacher)
Whisper to kids who are struggling with writing:
“It’s O.K. Most geniuses can’t write and I’m a genius, too!”