Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hands Up Math
Cut two hands out of construction paper. Glue the palms to a sheet of construction paper so the fingers can bend. Children bend down the fingers to demonstrate addition and subtraction.
Math Mat
You will need a file folder or heavy sheet of paper to make a math mat. Fold it in half and trace over the creased line. Draw a line to divide the top section in half. Children use counters to make two sets in the top sections. They bring the objects together in the bottom section to demonstrate addition/joining them together.
*Use math mats as a concrete way to demonstrate the missing addend.

Ten Frame Rock and Roll
Children take two dice, roll them, build that amount on their frame, and then tell how many altogether.

Cut 3” circles out of corrugated cardboard or fun foam. Write addition and subtraction facts on the front of the circles. Write the answer on the back. Children place the circles on the table (with the problem facing up). They add or subtract, say the answer, and then flip over to self-check.

Math Bags
You will need zip sandwich bags and small, flat objects such as buttons or glass pebbles for this activity. Draw a line down the middle of a bag with a permanent marker. Insert objects in the bag. Children slide the items from one side to the other to make different combinations. Can they write down the different combinations?

Spiders in a Cave
You will need plastic spider rings (or a similar item) and a bowl. Count out ten spiders and turn the bowl upside down to make a “cave” for the spiders. Children take turns hiding spiders in the cave. Friends try and guess how many spiders are in the cave.