Monday, March 14, 2016


"Stick" those literacy standards with these props.

Pointers - Glue a large googly eye to the end of a stick. Tell children to “keep their eye” on the word as they track a line of print.
*Can their eye find the capital letter at the beginning of the sentence?
A word wall word they can read? A noun?
*Fake jewels and other small objects can also be used to make pointers.

*Children can "kiss their brains" with the heart.
Space Man - Glue a picture of a space man on a stick. Children can use “space man” between their words as they write.

Punctuation Sticks - Draw a large period, question mark, and exclamation mark on the ends of three sticks. Write a sentence on the board. Put sticks one at a time at the end of the sentence for the children to read.
*Write the ABC’s or numbers on the board in sets of 3. Can children read
these with appropriate expressions?
*Let children use the sticks as they read with a buddy.
Comprehension Sticks – Write “Who?” “What?” “Where?” “When?” “Why?” on sticks and insert them in a sock. Throw the sock over your shoulder before reading to prompt the children to be active listeners. After reading the story, let children choose a stick and tell that part.
*You could also write “author, illustrator, title, beginning, middle, end” or “characters, setting, problem, resolution.”
Letter Pops - Glue magnetic letters to the end of craft sticks. Children can use these to match letters with print in the classroom.
*Children can get together with friends and make words.
*Match uppercase and lowercase letters.
*Pass these out for children to hold up as you sing alphabet songs.
*Place in the classroom library. Children choose a letter and then match it up in the book.

*Put letter pops in a can in a center.  Children choose a stick and write the letter.
*Make shape pops or number pops.