Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It's "March Madness" for you basketball fans, and this week I hope your students will become "March Mathness" fans with these hands-on center activities!!

Count the Room
This is similar to "write the room" except children will be counting.  Make a list of common classroom objects (chairs, boys, girls, teachers, computers, puppets, noses, shoes, monkeys, tigers – you can make this funny and challenging!) Children walk around the room, count the objects, and write their response on the line.

*It's always more fun with a silly pair of glasses!

Clip Cards

Write numerals 0-10 on index cards. Children take paper clips and put the appropriate amount on each card.

Math Concept Maps

Prepare blank math concept maps with 4-8 sections. Children write a numeral in the middle section and then draw/write different ways to show that number.

Ten Frame Rock and Roll
Children take one or two dice, roll them, and build that amount on their frame.

Pencil Pocket Book
Take five pencil pockets and make a book with book rings. Write numerals on sticky notes and attach to the pockets. Children take small erasers, popsicle sticks, coins, and other flat objects and make appropriate sets in the pockets.

Math Cups
Write numerals 1-20 on plastic bathroom cups. Trace around the bottom of a cup 20 times on a file folder. Write numerals 1-20 in the circles. Mix up the bathroom cups and then ask children to match them up with the file folder. 

*Can the children stack up the cups from 1-20?