Saturday, June 24, 2017


When my children came to reading group they would beg, “Can we play a game? Can we play a game?” I always told them if they worked hard that we might have time to play a game at the end. What they didn’t realize was that the games I made probably taught them as much as my reading lesson!

Stinky Cheese
Why? sight words, fluency phrases, letters, math facts, shapes, etc.
What? lunch bag, yellow construction paper, marker
How? Cut cheese slices out of poster board or fun foam using the pattern on the following page. Write letters, words, numbers, etc. on most of the cheese slices. On two slices write “Stinky Cheese!” Place the cheese slices in a lunch sack. Children pass around the sack drawing out one slice at a time. If they can identify the information on the slice they
get to keep it. If they get “Stinky Cheese!” everyone holds their noses and says, “Stinky Cheese!” That person must then put all her slices back in the bag.
*How about a game of “stinky feet” or “stinky socks”?

*An empty cheese cracker box makes a more durable container for the game.


Why? letters, words, sentences, math facts, etc.
What? jumbo craft sticks, permanent marker, plastic cup
How? Color the end of five sticks purple, five red, five blue, five green, five orange, and five yellow. On the other part of the stick write skills you are working on. Place the sticks in the cup with the colored end on the bottom. Choose a random color. Pass the cup around. Children choose a stick and identify the information. If the choose a stick with the designated color they yell, “Fiddlesticks!” and they have to place their other sticks back in the cup.

My Messy House
Why? sight words, letters, numerals, shapes, etc.
What? different colors of construction paper, clothes pins, piece of string
How? Cut clothes out of construction paper and write skills on them. Tie a string (clothesline) between two chairs. Spread the clothes on the floor as you say, “My house is so messy. Who can help me clean it up?” Children take turns choosing an item, reading it, and then hanging it on the clothesline.

Go Fishing
Why? letters, sight words, math facts, etc.
What? stick, string, magnet, brad fastener
How? Cut out fish using the pattern on the following page. Write skills on the fish and attach a brad fastener for eyes. Tie one end of a piece of string to the stick and attach the magnet to the other end of the string. Spread the fish out on the floor. Children try to catch a fish by dangling the magnet over the eye. They can keep the fish if they can identify the information on it.