Friday, June 16, 2017


These ideas are ones I collected years ago, but they are definitely "keepers."  The Kindergarten Cadence and Class Pledge could easily be adapted to any grade level.

Kindergarten Cadence (Paula Pennell, Lenoir, NC)
(Students repeat each line.)
Kindergarten, kindergarten, what do you say?
We’re gonna have some fun today!
We’re gonna read and write and spell.
We’ll do these things very well.
Sound off. (Students repeat 1-2).
Sound off. (Students repeat 3-4).
Bring it on down, 1-2-3-4 (clap, clap) 3-4.
Class Pledge (Brenda Stremmel)
Make a class flag from the children’s handprints, and then teach children this pledge:
I pledge to myself on this day
To try to be kind in every way.
To every person big or small
I will help them if they fall.
I will love myself and others, too.
That’s the best that I can do!

SMART Board Contestant (Julie Cunday)
Child’s name come on down.
You’re the next contestant on
Name that number (letter, etc.).

Welcome Collage (Emily Hall, Danville, VA)
Make a poster with “Who is this teacher’s name?” in the middle. Put pictures of your favorite things, places, foods, etc. on the poster. Add personal pictures of friends and family. Display this at Open House. For the first few days of school let each student pick a picture for you to talk about.
Family Photo Sheet (Sherry Lee & Jess McGuire, Concord, NC)
At the beginning of the year send home one sheet of colored construction paper and ask students to cover the page with family pictures. Ask their parents to label the pictures. Put the family photo sheet in a sheet protector and have children keep it in their writing folder. This will inspire them to write about family members and experiences.

Days of School Count  (Catherine Bouwman)
Touch body parts each day as you count during calendar time.
Touch toes for 1/6/11/16…
Touch knees for 2/7/12/17…
Touch hips for 3/8/13/18…
Touch shoulders for 4/9/14/19…
Touch heads for 5/10/15/20…
*Remind children that they should be touching their heads on all 5’s and 10’s. You can also let them shout when they get to the 5’s and 10’s.

6 vs. 9 (Donna Bell, Magnolia/Woodlands, TX)
Use this rhyme to help children discriminate #6 from #9.
Number 6 is always sick.
Holds his head down, ick, ick, ick! (Bend head down.)
Number 9 is always fine.
Holds his head up all the time! (Hold head up tall.)

Handwriting Warm-Up (Allison Burney, Rowlett, TX)
Buy individual containers of play dough for each child. (These are available where they sell party favors.) Before doing handwriting activities, let the children warm up their fingers by playing with play dough. One day they might make snakes, another day snowballs, and another day free play with the play dough. The children won’t realize that they are building small muscles that will help them write.

Start the Day with a Smile! (Eva Arteaga)
Put a smiley sticker on each child’s right hand when they arrive at school. This will help them learn their right hand and encourage them to be at school on time!
Abracadabra! (Emily Hilbig, Houston, TX)
Close your eyes and pretend to wave a magic wand as you say:
I want my friends to make good choices
like sitting on their bottoms
and using inside voices.”
Snap your fingers and open your eyes!