Saturday, June 17, 2017


Word Wall Ball (Lynn Urban, Chesterfield Co., VA)
Students earn a bead for each word wall word they learn and string it on a necklace. Once all word wall words have been learned, they earn a “gold” bead. In the spring celebrate with a BALL! Students wear nice clothes and their word bead necklaces. Serve refreshments, and dance!
Riddle Book (Leighann Beam, Raleigh, NC)
Create a “Riddle Book” for each child with blank paper stapled between construction paper. The children get to decorate the cover. The teacher reads a riddle to the class. Establish a routine where everyone puts a finger to their lips and says, “Shhh!” when they think they know the answer. The children draw a picture of what they think the answer is and then try to write the word. The children share their thoughts and then the teacher shares the answer. Save riddles and answers in their “Riddle Books.”

Oh No! Game (Jane Sparks, Murrells Inlet, SC)
Take a paper sack and write a word ending on the front. For example: “at.” Write the words “fat,” “cat,” “mat,” “sat,” etc. on cards and place them in the sack. Make two cards for each word. Add several “Oh NO!” cards. Each child pulls out a card and reads the word. If they draw “Oh NO!” they must put their cards back in the bag. After all the cards are out of the bag each child finds the friend that has the same word.


Air Hug (Jane McPartland, St. Louis, MO)
Say, “Give me an air hug.” Students open arms and pretend to squeeze.

Air Kisses (Beth Jenkins, VA)
Kiss your fingertips numerous times as you scan the class. Blow kisses to all the children. Cross your arms across your chest and rub your arms as you say, “Feel the love.”
Mini Books (Timara McCollum, Dillard Academy Charter)
Fold several index cards in half. Open and cut a ½” slit on the top and bottom of the center crease. Insert a small hair rubber band. 

Recess Line Up (Jane McPartland, St. Louis, MO)
At the end of recess blow a whistle and start counting backwards from 20. Students count with you and everyone has to be in line by zero.

“Today Is P.E.” (Bron Wolfe, Henry County, GA)
To help children learn the schedule, adapt the song “Today Is Sunday” to include specials you have each day. For example, “Today is Monday. Monday P.E. Today is Tuesday. Tuesday music. Today is Wednesday. Wednesday art…”

Main Idea (Elizabeth Burriss, Briston, TN)
Switch book covers on several books. Have children look at the cover and guess who the main character will be, the main idea, etc. Read the book. The class will realize that the story does not match the cover. After reading the story have the children illustrate a cover for the book and select a title. Compare their pictures to the real book cover.