Thursday, June 15, 2017


Kiss Your Brain! Pointer
Cut a pair of lips out of paper and cut a hole out of the center as shown and attach to a craft stick. Children can use this to focus on words, letters, etc. They can also use it to kiss their brains!

                                             Tracking Print (Kathy Smith)
To help children learn to track print, sing this song to the tune of “London Bridge.”
     When you read you track the print, 
     Track the print, track the print.
     When you read you track the print,
     Touch every word.
     Start on the left and move to the right,
     Move to the right, move to the right.
     Start on the left and move to the right,
     Track every word.

Classroom Mystery
Encourage your students to problem solve and take responsibility with this idea. When there is a problem in your room (such as a center not cleaned up, trash on the floor, etc.) simply say, “Mmmmm? We have a mystery in our classroom. I wonder who can help us solve it?”

Photo Memory Game (Kindra Schoenradt, Austin, TX)
Make copies of children’s photos and glue to cardboard squares to make a memory game. You could have them match up like photos or have them match up photos and names.
One Hundred Day Caterpillar (Donna Franklin, Louisville, KY)
Make a caterpillar head and then let one student put up a number each day. Make the 5’s red and the 10’s blue. Every day count how many days you have been in school. You can decide each day if you will count by 1’s, 5’s, or 10’s. Make a special 100 circle.

*Hint! This will cover over 2 walls so put it up high on your wall.

I Love You! (Sheila W.)
Here’s another way to say, “I Love You!” in sign language. Kiss your fist and then point to a child. Sweet!

It’s Time for Us to Go (Arlene Middendorf, FL)
Sing this song to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell” to end your day:
     It’s time for us to go.
     It’s time for us to go.
     Say good-bye to all your friends.
     It’s time for us to go.

     We’ve had a busy day.
     We’ve learned a lot today.
     Say good-bye to all your friends.
     It’s time for us to go.
Children select the symbol for how they will go home and line up.
Walkers – Feet
Car Riders – Car
Bus Riders – Bus
After School – Schoolhouse

Self-Check for Classroom Management (Elizabeth Rennels)
Teach children how to do a “self-check.” Make sure their heads are doing what they
are suppose to do (eyes, ears, mouth), hands are doing their job, feet are doing their job. Put the responsibility on the students by asking them to “please do a self-check.”

Short and to the Point! (Elizabeth Rennels)
To settle children into their seats say, “Backs on the backs, bottoms on the bottoms, and feet on the floor.”