Monday, June 19, 2017


QUIET Man (Candace Reed)
Make "quiet man" with your fingers by sticking up pinky and pointer and touching thumb, ring man, and tall man. When the teacher holds up "quiet man" the children respond by making "quiet man" and focusing on the teacher.
Quiet Hands
When you want children to settle down ask them to show you their “quiet hands” as you model folding your hands. When they focus on their hands they will become quiet.

Magic Triangle  (Cathy Crady)
Remind children that they all have a magic triangle in their pocket. (Place pointers and thumbs next to each other to form a triangle.) When they need to calm down or if a child is upset she has them take out their magic triangle and hold it in front of their mouth. She tells them to take a deep breath in through their nose, and then slowly blow through the triangle.

Word Hunt (Amy Fritz)
Each week students use their journal to go on a word hunt. Words must begin with a different letter or digraph each week and must be found in the classroom.

*Adapt for parts of speech, math words, seasonal words, etc.
Secret Message in Sign (Melanie Wilkins)
Enlarge sign language letters and attach a magnetic strip to the back of each letter. Write a "secret” message or word each day on the board for the children to decode and write on their morning work.

Karaoke Kafe (Pam Stonecipher)
Encourage children to share their stories, journals, and other writings with Karaoke Kafe. Provide a play microphone and special chair where they can sit and read to classmates. Younger children could recite nursery rhymes.

Good Job Rally (Veda Hamrick)
Have children form two lines facing each other. One at a time children walk between the two lines as friends give them "high five" and say, "Good job!"

Bubbles and Duck Tails (Jennifer Conatser)
Before lining up say, "bubbles and duck tails." Children put imaginary bubbles in their mouths and put their hands behind their backs to make duck tails.

Mailbox Vocabulary (Cheryl Grasso, Boston)
Place a small mailbox on your desk. If the flag is up, that means there is a new vocabulary word in the mailbox. Model using the “special delivery” word in sentences throughout the day.

Happy Day
(Tune: “Happy Birthday to You”)
Hello! Good Day!
You’re looking mighty fine.
Come in and have a seat
And be a friend of mine.

Put Your Bottom on the Rug

(Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)
Put your bottom on the rug, on the rug.
Put your bottom on the rug, on the rug.
Put your bottom on the rug, then give yourself a hug.
Put your bottom on the rug, on the rug.