Sunday, June 18, 2017


Kindness Sprinkles (Christin Cannan)
You “sprinkle” kindness (hands up and wiggle fingers) on the Star of the Week, Birthday Child, or for other occasions.

Spacing Spaghetti and Meatballs
To help children with spacing between letters and words give them a dry spaghetti noodle and a pom pom (meatball). They should use the dry spaghetti noodle between letters and the “meatball” between words.
Occupation in a Bag (Megan Pope)
When studying community helpers, send home a paper bag with each student. Ask them to put in items that explain what their parents do. This is great for parents who are too busy to come in and speak about their jobs.
Number Bottle Shake (Jennifer Sitka, Winnipeg, Canada)
Fill an empty plastic bottle half way with water and place a die inside. Place the lid on and seal with packing tape so the students cannot get the bottle open. Let children take turns shaking the bottle with a partner. They can say the number on the die, write the number down, make up a number sentence, etc.

Number Combinations (Linda Patterson, Lawrenceville, GA)
Put dots on paper plates (for example, 6 red dots and 2 blue dots). Flash the plates and children add them up.  Children can whisper the answer or use their fingers to show the sum.
Hint! Use bingo dotters or stickers on plates to make different combinations.

Treasure Box Math (Whitney Farmer)
Buy a treasure boxes at a craft store.  Put 10 gems in the box. Take out three. How many are left in the box?
Count to 100 (Special K’s, Heritage El., Marion, OH)
Count each “ten” with a different style.
Quiet 1’s (Whisper)
Yucky Teens (Attitude!)
Roaring 20’s (Loud)
Twisty 30’s (Do the twist)
Jumpy 40’s (Jump)
Flying 50’s (Spread arms)
Angry 60’s (Stomp feet)
Spooky 70’s (Ghost voice)
Flip Pancakes 80’s (Pretend to flip pancakes)
Laughing 90’s (Hold stomach and laugh)
Jump and Cheer for 100!!!

Compliment Cookies (Whitney Farmer, Pulaski Co. Schools, KY)
Place a pan somewhere in the room. Cut cookies out of construction paper. Whenever the class receives a compliment, place a cookie in the pan. When the pan is full everyone can enjoy a cookie party!