Thursday, July 13, 2017


Letter Cups
What? plastic cups, permanent markers or letter stickers

How? Write letters on the cups. Children can use these to make high frequency words, match upper and lowercase letters, make CVC words, etc.

*Ask children to stack the cups in alphabetical order.

*Write words on cups and use for making and reading simple sentences.

Hint! Store letter cups in an empty Pringle’s can.

Number Cups

How? Write numbers on cups and ask children to stack them in numerical order.
*Trace around the bottom of a cup on a file folder. Write numerals in the circles. Children match up numbers on cups to those on the file folder.

*Write math facts on the sides of the cups. Write answers on a sticky dot and place them inside the cup. Children say the answer and then check underneath. They can build a pyramid with the cups if they answer correctly.

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