Tuesday, July 25, 2017



What? small swing trashcan (from the dollar store), googly eyes, pom pom, felt scraps, craft glue, magnetic letters 
How? Decorate the trashcan similar to the one shown. Insert magnetic letters in Letter Man. Children take turns pulling out a letter, making the sound, and saying a word that starts with that sound.

*Ask children to feed Letter Man all the vowels…all the letters that are blue…the letters in alphabetical order…the letters in their name, etc.

*Place Letter Man in a center. Children choose a letter and then write it on their paper. Older children could write a word that starts with that letter.

*Children choose a handful of letters. How many words can they write with those letters?

*Write sight words on index cards. Feed letter man the cards as you sing, “I know an old man who swallowed a word. What would he say if he swallowed the word? That’s absurd!”