Monday, July 17, 2017


This is a useful tool to use with a small group, for independent practice, or work with a partner.

What? cookie tin, magnetic letters

How? Place a set of magnetic letters inside the cookie tin. On the inside cover make three lines with a permanent marker. Have the children take out the letters and place them around the lid. Call out a sound and have the children select that letter and place it on the first line in the lid. Call out a second sound. Call out a third sound. Blend the sounds and read the word.

Hint! Make several of these and use with a guided reading group.

*Use for other phonics lessons. “What other words can you make by changing the first sound?” “Can you make a word by changing the end sound?”

*Older students could use these for spelling words and other word games.

*Store small magnetic letters in a breath mint tin.

*Use magnetic letters on a cookie sheet to make words.

*Hide magnetic letters in a sandbox and let children hunt for them with a magnet.