Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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Why? familiarity with a keyboard, letter recognition, sight words, sounds

What? shower curtain liner, permanent marker, fly swatter

How? Cut the shower curtain liner in half and tape it horizontally to a wall. Place the attached pattern on a document camera and project on the shower curtain. Trace around the keys and letters with a permanent marker as shown.  (Sorry, mine is a little wrinkled from being in the suitcase.)

Place the giant keyboard on the floor or on a bulletin board and let the children use a fly swatter to identify letters. 

Call out a sound and have children tap the letter that makes that sound.

Have children type out sight words or spelling words.

Hint! Let one child hold a word and check while their partner types it.

More! Run off copies of the keyboard for each child. Glue the keyboard to the bottom of a file folder and tape a clear sheet protector on three sides at the top. Leave the right end open so you can slide in names, sight words, vocabulary, or sentences for the children to practice typing.  (Kalina loved decorating these and playing with them.)

Make individual iPads from pocket folders.  Let children decorate the outside and then glue the keyboard to the inside.  Write letters or words on index cards and place in the pocket.  Children choose a card, place it at the top, and then type accordingly.


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