Monday, July 10, 2017


This is the day we've been waiting for!!! I TEACH K Conference starts this morning and the HAPPIES are going to make their debut this afternoon in the ESGI booth in the exhibit hall. Carolyn Kisloski and I will be there to share some of the activities, answer questions, take pictures, and maybe even sing you a song or say a rhyme. I don't have any sequins to wear and I'd break my neck if I wore stilettos, but I will have a big smile and heart ready to make a new friend!!!

Oh, and I'll have a little "happie" puppet for each of you!
This is also the launch of the new blog that Carolyn and I are doing. Go to and we'll send you a "happie" idea every day.
A happie a day keeps the humbugs away!

Here's the link so you can attend the conference "virtually" with ESGI:

Check out the complete set of "happies" at these locations: