Saturday, July 1, 2017


I love traveling and can't wait to meet many of you when I do I Teach Kindergarten ( and many other workshops this summer.  However, if I'm not going to get to see you, I've got 31 videos coming up on my blog - one for every day in July.  It will be a repeat of what I did last July, but I hope you'll still learn something new every day.  The activities I'll be sharing are simple, inexpensive, and can easily be adapted to different skills and levels.  Just think!  You'll have a whole "backpack" of goodies when that school bell rings again.

Day 1 - Clip It 

Why? letters, sight words, names

What? jumbo craft sticks, clothes pins, markers (Sharpies work best.)

How? Write the letters of the alphabet on the clothespins. Write words on the craft sticks.  Children match letters and clip them on the stick to make the words.

*Use these at the beginning of the year with children’s names.

*Place in a center for children to practice sight words or spelling words. As a follow up ask students to write the words.
Hint! Store these in pencil boxes.

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