Thursday, July 27, 2017


Games are a natural way to develop social skills as you reinforce letters, words, numbers, math facts, etc. Games are also a good way to nurture self-regulation and 21st Century Skills of cooperation and communication.

Stinky Cheese is a hit no matter what age or what skill. In fact, a teacher created “stinky feet” and “stinky socks” because her students enjoyed it so much. But the real secret of any game is YOU! You add the magic with a dramatic voice and silly giggle.
Someone once asked me if I would play the game if a student got upset if they lost. My answer was, “YES!” Children need to learn how to lose. Role play what you should do if you lose by teaching the children to shrug and say, “Oh, well!” Don’t overreact or force them to play, but make it so much fun they won’t be able to resist!

Stinky Cheese
Why? sight words, fluency phrases, letters, math facts, shapes, etc.
What? lunch bag, yellow construction paper, marker
How? Cut cheese slices out of poster board or fun foam using the link below. Write letters, words, numbers, etc. on most of the cheese slices. On two slices write “Stinky Cheese!” Place the cheese slices in a lunch sack. Children pass around the sack drawing out one slice at a time. If they can identify the information on the slice they
get to keep it. If they get “Stinky Cheese!” everyone holds their noses and says, “Stinky Cheese!” That person must then put all her slices back in the bag.

*How about a game of “stinky feet” and “stinky socks”?